AGE 07 - 10


This program will teach students how to program using Scratch Programming Language and BBC micro:bit. It is fun to use, providing animated illustrations of abstract mathematical concepts. Kids create colorful stories, games and videos while learning about axes, parameters and variables.

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The best part about learning here is "No Prior coding Knowledge is Required"

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This introductory course invites kids to create games, videos and stories, while learning the foundations of coding so there’s no need for previous experience

Scratch Visual Programming

  • Understand programming statements such as: conditions, loops and variables while creating games, videos and stories
  • Expand 21st century skills (creative thinking, problem solving and computational thinking)
  • Create fun projects and handle gradual challenges with the help of an attentive teacher

Animation For Kids Level I

  • Understanding the basic concepts of animation: acceleration, deceleration, elasticity and more.
  • Developing life skills such as: creative thinking, problem-solving and self-expression.
  • They will learn to manage their projects and cope with challenges, whilst being encouraged by an attentive instructor.

Animation For Kids Level II

  • Digital illustrations and simple drawings, Storyboards and project plans for their animation projects
  • 2D animated short films using keyframes and simple drawings. 
  • A final animation reel that shows off their work as well as their final project with Cartoon drawing skills


This introductory course invites kids to create games, videos and stories, while learning the foundations of coding so there’s no need for previous experience

Basic Electronic for Kids

  • We offer kids electronic courses that cover everything from the basics right to the advanced.
  • Includes 5 practicals which allow you better test your understanding of electronics.
  • We’re committed to providing our students with the information they need to achieve the results 

Physical computing with micro:bit

  • This course covers the basics of physical computing using micro:bit, MakeCode and Python programming
  • Requires Start with Scratch or equivalent block-based programming experience
  • Kids learn not only to code, but to apply their new found programming superpowers to a variety of real world projects

Introduction to Robotics

  • you will understand how to build your own remote controlled wheeled robot using the BBC micro:bit microcontroller.
  • Learn how you can use automation and robots in your projects
  • You will also learn about physical design, controlling electronics and programming robotic behaviours.


In this course, you get to explore what is a Robot using the magic of Coding vis Scratch Programming ! Here you get to learn basics of Robots like understanding different sensors like Color Sensor, Distance Sensor, Bumper Sensor etc and also different aspects of Coding like Conditional Statements, Loops. Math Operators etc. The best part is that you get to 

Oh no! These courses have been specially designed for the respective age groups and we have seen average academic performers excel in this practical learning. Your child is sure to do wonders with this kit – Get ready to be amazed!

Yes, ofcourse! After you finish all chapters, you will get a certificate. You can also submit a video of your practical project to get a Master Certificate.

Not at all! No Prior Coding knowledge is needed. The course will be taught from the basics and it will be complete fun for your child.

This course has shown clear improvement in a child’s Creativity, Focus, Logical thinking and Problem solving skills. But thats not all,  Coding is the future and your child will be one-up from the others. Let’s ensure your child has all the fun for his/her age but still learns the essential skills for a better today and tomorrow.

The first few chapters are free to start off. Your child can start Coding for an application in the first few chapters. If you feel your child is interested, and wants to continue learning Coding,  you can purchase the entire Certified course.

Coding is a life skill and you have merely started off with a drop in the ocean! There are so many experiments that you can still do using the Virtual Robot like building Self-Driving Cars, a Delivery Robot, an Obstacle avoider robot, Parking assistant robot and 25+ more such projects!!